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    How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

    Last updated 22 days ago

    When you start to arrange your living room furniture, determine the room’s focal point so you can start to set up the pieces around it. The furniture in the living room should come together to create a natural conversation area.

    Pay attention to the traffic flow to ensure that there is enough space to walk freely throughout the room. Use area rugs to define the space and finish off the room with accessories. Learn more about decorating in this video.

    Come to Home Consignment Center today to find the right furniture and accessories for your living room design aspirations. We have some of the best consignment furniture options in all of Austin. For more information on our services and locations, call (512) 346-2900.

    Using Accessories to Transform Your Living Room

    Last updated 29 days ago

    Basic furniture is the foundation of any living room design, but accessories are what give it a unique personality. Use this guide to figure out how to buy accessories that can make your living room décor come to life:

    Add Some Color

    Liven up your space with bright and colorful accessories that add depth and texture to your furniture. If you want to incorporate colors in small doses, throw pillows and area rugs provide the ideal way to do it. Choose some bright and bold pillows and rugs that tie the room together with just the right amount of color to add some oomph to your neutral furniture pieces.

    Create a Focal Point

    Accessories give you a unique opportunity to create a focal point in the room. If you want to draw attention away from a certain spot and move it over to your beautiful mantle place, for example, choose an eye-catching accessory to place on top of it. Whether you find a stunning vase or a beautiful piece of artwork, the right accessory can instantly become a focal point for your room.

    Get Creative

    Take advantage of decorating with accessories by using them to add some of your personality into the space. Consider getting creative with your décor by mixing and matching your accessory options. Create a unique piece for your wall by grouping together a bunch of empty frames, for example, or build an interesting shape out of some decorative mirrors.

    At Home Consignment Center, we always have a great selection of consignment furniture and accessories with which to enhance your home. We give you the selection you need to transform your space with the interior design of your dreams. To learn more about how to buy furniture in the Austin area, visit us online or call (512) 346-2900.

    Tips for Purchasing a Sofa

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Buying a sofa for your living room can feel overwhelming with so many choices available. Watch this video for tips you can follow when you’re ready to purchase a new sofa.

    Before you buy a sofa, it’s important to consider how much space you have available in your living room. Smaller living rooms can quickly become cramped if the furniture is too large, so bring measurements of the room’s dimensions with you to the consignment store. Look for a sofa that will fit your lifestyle, and consider how children or pets will affect your choice.

    You’ll find a wide variety of sofas and other furniture at the Home Consignment Center in Austin. Give us a call at (512) 346-2900 with any questions you have about buying consignment furniture, or visit our website for more information about our services. 

    What Your Interior Design Says About You

    Last updated 1 month ago

    You are a completely unique individual, and your one-of-a-kind characteristics are expressed in everything you do. From your amazing fashion sense to your cooking techniques to your choice of interior décor, a person can tell a lot about you by the choices you make. Your house is the place you can make your own, and purchasing consignment furniture will allow you to truly express your decorating style. Keep reading to learn what your interior design says about you. 


    The color palette you choose in your interior design scheme is one of the most noticeable elements of décor. If you consider yourself to be a whimsical, lighthearted person, you might choose brighter colors that elevate the mood of a room. A person with a more serious and sophisticated attitude might select muted, neutral tones such as greys and beiges. Remember that you can always liven up a neutral-colored sofa or chair with brightly colored accent pillows and accessories, which will show your guests that you don’t take yourself overly seriously.


    You can decorate your home however you please, from having minimal amounts of furniture to collecting eclectic and interesting pieces to put in different rooms. If you have only furniture that is completely necessary, you might be a no-nonsense person who has a very modern sense of style. If your home is full of fun, funky furniture, you might be someone who enjoys entertaining and has a relaxed, upbeat personality.


    When it comes to interior decorating, accessories are your chance to really express your unique design style. Accent pillows, lamps, area rugs, and wall art can all help to pull a room together and unify your decorating scheme. Many accessories are easy to change out from season to season, especially when you find great deals at a consignment store. If your mood and design desires change frequently, you can update your look often with fun accessories.

    You’re sure to find furniture and accessories that suit your personality and interior design style at the Home Consignment Center. Call us at (512) 346-2900 to inquire about our current selection, and stop by one of our two convenient Austin locations to see what we have in store for you.   

    Deciding Which Color Sofa is Best for Your Home

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Oftentimes, the sofa is one of the main gathering points in your home. Whether you are adding a sofa to your formal living room, home theater, kids’ playroom, or den, you should be sure that the piece you choose fits your family’s needs and enhances the look of the room. Before you head to your local consignment store to browse the used furniture, consider the following tips for picking out a sofa color.

    Plan Ahead for Stains

    In a perfect world, you would never have to worry about spilled drinks, dirt, or kids’ art supplies staining your furniture. However, in most households, getting stains on the sofa and other pieces of furniture is a very real possibility. If your family includes young children or pets, consider choosing a sofa in a dark color, particularly a dark neutral such as grey or brown.

    Consider Your Room Size                                                                            

    If the room you are adding a sofa to is small or dark, choosing a sofa in the wrong color can make the space feel even smaller or darker. Sofas in softer, lighter colors such as beige or light brown are ideal for cramped or dark rooms. If the room has several windows, a dark colored sofa may fade quickly, so a lighter option would also be ideal in this space.

    Evaluate Your Style

    When adding a sofa to a room that is already decorated, it is important to select a color that will go well with the existing paint, furniture, and accessories. A sofa that comes in a solid neutral color is ideal for a room with a complex design. If the room has a relatively simple design, choosing a sofa with a fun pattern can enhance the space. Be wary of buying sofas in colors or patterns that are trendy, as these may soon seem dated.

    Home Consignment Center in Austin has a large selection of high-quality sofas available for you to choose from. Visit our store to find the right piece of used furniture in the perfect color to fit your home. You can find out more about our consignment furniture by calling (512) 346-2900.

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