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The Home Consignment Center carries a wide variety of high quality furniture and jewelry on consignment. We have two locations in Austin and a new location in San Antonio for added convenience.

Check Out Our New Online Store!

At Home Consignment Center in Austin, we already provide a rich and unique selection of vintage home furniture, gently used but like-new furniture, estate jewelry, consignment engagement rings, and much more. Now we've added another way for you to shop deals so good you can hardly believe they're true, all right from the comfort of your own home via our online store. What's more is that it's kind of like having VIP access to savings. Check it out!

Unique, Hand Picked Products You Won't Find in Our Stores
Like many items on our showroom floor, most of the items in our online store are not technically used at all, but rather overstock items and merchandise returns. However, because they are not in absolutely "perfect" condition, or because they've been in someone's house for a time, they must be labeled as used furniture .

Home Consignment Center Online Store

That means you get amazing deals on items that no one would ever guess cost you so little.

In addition, we hand pick the items that we add to our online store for their uniqueness and beauty. While some places put the same stuff on their website as they have on the floor, we provide you with a unique shopping experience by making our online selection exclusive to the web.

Available Only Online for One Month or Until They Sell Out
In addition to exclusivity, the items you'll see in the online store also feature a bit of urgency. We only make them available for one month…if they last that long! Many items sell out within hours or days of having been listed. We never know how many of any one particular item we'll get until it's here, which makes for a thrilling experience when it's possible that you're getting the only one or last one like it!

After you've shopped around our online store, drop by and see us in person at Home Consignment Center. You'll love our wide selection of unique home furniture, estate jewelry, and other items for your home. You can also give us a call at (512) 346-2900 with any questions.

Storage Tips for Your Home Office

There are almost as many ways to design a home office as there are people using them. Some designs work well while others are destined to fail before they get off the ground. The one thing that can make or break how well your home office works is how organized it is, and much of that has to do with how well your storage system is.

Check out this video for a few quick tips on designing proper storage in your home office. The tip about making a list of everything that needs a place before you ever buy the first piece of furniture is pure gold.

When you're ready to execute your home office design plan, come visit us at Home Consignment Center. We have all of the quality used furniture and home décor items you need to create the perfect office while sticking to your budget. Call (512) 346-2900 or visit us online to learn more today!

Finding a Fabulous Engagement Ring

Finding a Fabulous Engagement Ring
When you've found that special someone with whom you know you want to spend the rest of your life, you definitely want to give her the most beautiful, most dazzling engagement ring that you can find and afford. Engagement ring shopping can feel overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Arm yourself with a little knowledge, a few tips, and a constant reminder to yourself that you are searching for the best physical symbol of your eternal commitment—you'll find the right one soon enough! Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Consider the Shape of the Stone Consignment Engagement Ring in Austin
    The shape isn't everything, but it can make or break how well your future fiancé loves her ring. Some women absolutely adore a princess cut stone while others may find it clunky or gaudy. A simple round cut may be perfect for one woman while only a marquise will do for another. Pay attention to what she likes, make note of any hints she gives about her tastes, and make your selection based off of that first.
  2. Choose the Perfect Setting
    ‚Äč An engagement ring's setting is simply the metal that secures the stone in place. There are a variety of setting options, each producing its own unique look. If your girlfriend is more of a traditionalist, a prong setting may be the way to go. If she's into high-fashion, consider a bezel setting instead. While you're looking at settings, pay attention to the type of metal as well.
  3. Select the Best Overall Size
    The size of the stone has a big influence on the total cost of the ring. If you want a larger stone on a smaller budget, or if you'd just like to get the best deal possible, a reputable consignment store is an excellent place to shop. Just remember that not all women want a large engagement ring, while others might insist on it. Always keep her preferences at the front of your mind.

At Home Consignment Center in Austin, we have a large selection of high quality consignment jewelry, including fine engagement rings. Come browse our unique selection and find the perfect ring today. Call (512) 346-2900 for more information.

What Your Accent Pillows Say About You

Each piece of your décor from large pieces of furniture to the smallest accessories represent elements of your personality. If you want your interior design to reflect who you are as a person, it is important to spend time choosing the right pieces. Keep reading to learn more about how your accent pillow selection reflects your personality:

They Show Your Aesthetic
Couches, chairs, and beds are usually neutral pieces of furniture that need embellishments like accent pillows to come to life. These accessories give you the opportunity to show off your personal design aesthetic. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, or eclectic décor styles, picking accent pillows helps you add a personal touch to your décor. Best of all, you can get different pillows to change up your décor whenever you want to add a new appeal.

Accent Pillows AustinThey Can Be Formal or Informal
Accent pillows can also show your guests whether you prefer formal or casual styles. The right colors and patterns can help you add a fun or a formal feeling to your entire interior design. You can even use more formal pillows in a fancy living room and opt for casual options in your family room. Using different styles of accent pillows makes it easy to create a unique appeal to every room of your home.

They Show Your Decorating Prowess
Adding a new level to your interior design with accent pillows is a great way to demonstrate your decorating ability. Mixing and matching different pillow styles helps you find the true décor personality for your space without the need to overhaul your current furniture selection.

If you are ready to add some style and function to your interior design, Home Consignment Center in Austin can help. With our amazing selection of consignment furniture and accessories, we have something for every decorating budget. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (925) 309-7231.

The Latest Engagement Ring Trends

When shopping for an engagement ring, you should have at least a basic understanding of the latest trends to help you make your final decision. Use this guide to learn about some of the most popular ring styles before you start to shop for this important piece of jewelry so you can find the perfect ring:

Floral Embellishments
If you know that your girlfriend wants a unique ring, you might want to look into this trend. With slight floral accents, you can transform a regular diamond ring into a personalized piece of jewelry that she will love. Whether you want flowers or vines, these simple embellishments add a lot of character to a ring.

Horizontal Stones
Most stones are placed vertically into a ring, but a new trend places them horizontally. Not only does this style make a diamond look larger, but it also adds a new aesthetic appeal to the ring's design. This east-west style tends to look better with an oval, marquis, or emerald-cut diamond.

Oval Cuts Engagement Ring Halo Square Cut Austin
Round brilliant diamonds were the most popular style for a long time, but oval cuts are starting to make a name for themselves. They still have a traditional appeal while allowing for some modern touches like pear side stones. If you want to blend modern and contemporary styles, you might want to consider an oval cut.

Halo Settings
This engagement ring style allows you to get a lot of bling without a huge price tag. One large center stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller stones, which adds some sparkle and some texture to the ring while keeping it subtly beautiful.

When you shop at Home Consignment Center in Austin, you can find an amazing selection of jewelry at prices that fit nicely into your budget. Our consignment jewelry and furniture gives you the choice you need to find products you love. To learn more about our products and consignment services, visit us online or call (925) 309-7231.

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