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The Home Consignment Center carries a wide variety of high quality furniture and jewelry on consignment. We have two locations in Austin and a new location in San Antonio for added convenience.

Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party

Have you been invited to a housewarming party? Do you have absolutely no idea about what gift you should bring? Check out this video to discover a few unconventional gift ideas that go beyond the typical housewarming gifts. If none of these ideas tickle your fancy, consider sticking with more traditional items like home décor or home furniture in Austin.

From the crazy knife holders to the very practical cleaning service gift card, these gifts are sure to be the most memorable ones received. Go ahead and make a splash and give something unusual.

Whether you're looking for unique home décor or used furniture in Austin, drop by to see us at Home Consignment Center. You really never know what you might find in the store, but it might just turn out to be the perfect housewarming gift for you. Call (512) 346-2900 for more information.

Tips for Your Home Office

More and more, people are working from home. Whether you're with a company who has embraced the benefits of telecommuting or you've started your own home-based business, you need a home office that's configured for creativity and productivity. Here are a few tips for setting up an office that will work for you:

Get the Right Furniture
An office isn't much of an office if it doesn't have at least a few pieces of essential furniture. You don't have to try to cram an executive desk into a closet-sized space, but you do need something that can at least function as a desk, along with a chair at the bare minimum. You can do a lot with quality used furniture, and vintage furniture can add a lot of fun and flare to the room. Just make sure whatever you choose works for what you need.

Invite Creativity Home Office Decor in Austin
Even if you only have a small section in the corner of a room, you can personalize your home office space to encourage creativity. Choose an interesting wallpaper to serve as the backdrop for your desk. Add a whimsical desk lamp for a bit of fun. Install floating shelves to house items that speak to your inner creativity for inspiration. Add splashes of color to keep the space fresh and exciting.

Maximize Productivity
Try not to design an office where it feels like the walls are closing in on you. Good lighting and open spaces are best for maximizing your productivity, and you can achieve this no matter how much space you have by not trying to put too much stuff in too small of a place. Many of the things you do to encourage creativity will also serve to increase your productivity. The biggest tip, though, is to make sure you have everything you need at arm's reach and don't allow clutter to take over.

If you're looking for quality used furniture or vintage furniture for your home office, come visit us at Home Consignment Center in Austin. Check out our website or give us a call at (512) 346-2900 today!

Choosing Pillows for Your Sofa

Adding a few of the right pillows to your sofa can do wonders for the overall look and feel of your room. Sofa pillows make a room feel more inviting and put together, and they can be create comfort devices when you just need something to hug while you sit in your thoughts. Choosing the wrong pillows, however, can wreck the atmosphere in the room.

Watch this quick clip to learn how to choose the perfect pillows for your sofa. The general rule is to choose pillows in matching or coordinating colors to your sofa, and to choose patterns if the sofa is solid or solid colors if the sofa is patterned.

Whether you need a new sofa or just new pillows for the one you have, you can find it here at Home Consignment Center in Austin. Check out our website, stop by our store to browse, or call (512) 346-2900 for more information.

Spotlight on Home Consignment Center's New San Antonio Location

If you love visiting Home Consignment Center at our Austin location, but the drive is a bit far for you to make as often as you'd like, then you may be excited to learn about our brand new San Antonio location. We know it isn't necessarily closer for everyone, but for many of our customers, this is good news indeed.

You'll find the same level of quality and the same incredible deals in San Antonio that you've come to expect from Home Consignment Center—just closer to home. We offer quality used and vintage furniture, fine jewelry, and fabulous home décor. And, since it's in a new location, the opportunity for finding even more unique items just doubled—and that's a good thing!

Whether you're in or near Austin, or San Antonio is closer to home, we welcome you to check out our new location and the deals to be had there. Stop in to see us today or call 512-346-2900 to learn more.

Home Consignment Center San Antonio

Check Out Our New Online Store!

At Home Consignment Center in Austin, we already provide a rich and unique selection of vintage home furniture, gently used but like-new furniture, estate jewelry, consignment engagement rings, and much more. Now we've added another way for you to shop deals so good you can hardly believe they're true, all right from the comfort of your own home via our online store. What's more is that it's kind of like having VIP access to savings. Check it out!

Unique, Hand Picked Products You Won't Find in Our Stores
Like many items on our showroom floor, most of the items in our online store are not technically used at all, but rather overstock items and merchandise returns. However, because they are not in absolutely "perfect" condition, or because they've been in someone's house for a time, they must be labeled as used furniture .

Home Consignment Center Online Store

That means you get amazing deals on items that no one would ever guess cost you so little.

In addition, we hand pick the items that we add to our online store for their uniqueness and beauty. While some places put the same stuff on their website as they have on the floor, we provide you with a unique shopping experience by making our online selection exclusive to the web.

Available Only Online for One Month or Until They Sell Out
In addition to exclusivity, the items you'll see in the online store also feature a bit of urgency. We only make them available for one month…if they last that long! Many items sell out within hours or days of having been listed. We never know how many of any one particular item we'll get until it's here, which makes for a thrilling experience when it's possible that you're getting the only one or last one like it!

After you've shopped around our online store, drop by and see us in person at Home Consignment Center. You'll love our wide selection of unique home furniture, estate jewelry, and other items for your home. You can also give us a call at (512) 346-2900 with any questions.

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